Re: Oh No! Amorphophallic Trauma!

Dana Scholle writes:
 > Hiya, this is the first time I've posted, I think to this group, although
 > I've lurked for a while. I have a little problem: I got an Amorphophallus
 > Konjac last year, and this spring it's been doing really well, was putting
 > up a leaf about four inches tall so far- UNTIL- my lovely cat came along and
 > broke it! Snapped it off right where the petiole meets the leaves. So, is my
 > little lovely doomed? I've been doting on this thing for the past month
 > watching it grow, and I am really disappointed that this happened (Not to
 > mention that he smashed a bunch of my orchids while at it. ) Will it produce
 > another leaf? Is there anything else I can do or should I hop on the phone
 > with Plant Delights this unstant? Thanks all :)
I had a similar attempted amorphophallicide last year when a squirrel dug up my
sprouting A. bulbifer tuber and made off with it. I marshalled the neighborhood
children, who found the wounded tuber.  I dusted it with sulfur and repotted
it.  After a short while, it re-sprouted and finished the season apparently
unaware of the incident.  I would bet that your konjac will resprout also.

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