Oh No! Amorphophallic Trauma!

Hiya, this is the first time I've posted, I think to this group, although
I've lurked for a while. I have a little problem: I got an Amorphophallus
Konjac last year, and this spring it's been doing really well, was putting
up a leaf about four inches tall so far- UNTIL- my lovely cat came along and
broke it! Snapped it off right where the petiole meets the leaves. So, is my
little lovely doomed? I've been doting on this thing for the past month
watching it grow, and I am really disappointed that this happened (Not to
mention that he smashed a bunch of my orchids while at it. ) Will it produce
another leaf? Is there anything else I can do or should I hop on the phone
with Plant Delights this unstant? Thanks all :)
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