2 copies of Bown book (& non-aroid question)

While briefly in Oklahoma City yesterday, we stopped by the Crystal Bridge
Tropical Conservatory at Myriad Botanical Gardens (downtown, 2 blocks off
the Robinson Street exit from I-40).

It was worth the stop, especially with spring not completely sprung for us
yet, and a good number of aroids were featured in the conservatory. I was
particularly surprised to see a very large specimen labeled Typhonodorum
lindleyanum. Alongside the required number of showy Anthurium andreanum
hybrids and such were a number of Alocasias, mostly unlabeled, and some
large but less colorful Anthuriums. 

There is a large metal artwork out in the park there labeled "Philodendron
Dome", very attractive really and clearly an aroid from as far as one can
see it. (On closer inspection, the leaves looked more like an alocasia to
me than a philodendron, though it was clearly a vining/climbing plant. Tom
Croat could probably name a philodendron that it resembles, but I can't.)

The gift shop there had 2 copies of Deni Bown's "Aroids" in stock. I asked
if they would be willing to ship to aroider's still looking for a copy
(it's still out of print, isn't it?) and they seemed to think they would.
If anyone is interested, call the Myriad Gardens gift shop at
405-297-3994. (Street address: Myriad Gardens, 100 Myriad Gardens,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102)

Now a confession and cry for help (which may be taken several ways, I
suppose). While there, I saw and was infatuated with a non-aroid: 
Cochliostema odoratissimum, of the Commelinaceae. (And it's not even
hardy.) Can anyone tell me more about it (in particular, where to obtain
one)? Being non-aroidal, please respond by private mail on that subject


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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