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Greetings:  I received this message from Ron Gagliardo at the Atlanta
Botanical Garden.  The address for the photo is:

This plant appeared in a batch of Amorphophallus planted out from our    
lab in Oct. 97.  At that time, we had 5 species in culture, A.           
curvistilus, gigas, knojac, titanum and variabilis.  Some of these other 
species are seen in the background.  This particular one is most likely  
a mutant of A. konjac, but we can't be 100 % sure because when it came   
up in the greenhouse, it was among the tc plants, but without a label.   
It does look like A. pendulus in the Aroideana photo, but we have never  
had A. pendulus at ABG and of course, never had it in tissue culture.    
So, that's the story.  Of course, we plan to put this clone back in      
tissue culture and hope it comes true.                                   

He thought you might be interested in seeing the plant.

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