Re: Unknown aroid pict. now available!

Al Wootten wrote:
>> Dewey wrote:
>> `Yes, I thought it was A. plowmanii...  which is the botanical name for A. 
>> "Rancho Ruffles"...  Which, btw, I introduced into the trade many years
>> ago...  However, A. plowmanii has red berries and thus is eliminated from
>> consideration as subject plant is said to have yellow berries...'
> I can't recall if I mentioned it, but the seeds from this which Dewey sent
> over a year ago are all fine plants now--7 of them--and I'm looking
> forward to seeing flower sometime now...mine do not look so ruffled as in
> the picture, however.  Somewhere I have a picture which I will scan... 

They become more ruffled as they get older, and don't build too much
expectations while waiting for the flowers - they are barely noticeable. 
One of my seedlings from the same batch distributed by Dewey has put up
two inflorescences about a month ago.  I snapped some photos to document
this event (and, incidentally, an increase in the leaf ruffliness :-) -
they can be seen at:


Krzysztof Kozminski

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