tillers for gardens

I know the following message isn't specifically about Aroids, but it is
about gardening so that I can grow some large aroids outside.

It's finally spring here on Long Island and it's time to set up the new
beds.  This year, I want to have some large areas of colocasias, alocasias
and caladiums with my few Amorphophallus mixed in.  

Long Island garden soil is essentially sand with a couple bits of organic
material.  My landscaper dropped off a huge mound of oak leaf compost and
I'd like to mix that in.  Tropicals usually do great in it.  I tried using
my trusty old electric cultivator (Black & Decker) and got bored with the
slow progress.  It works but it takes a toll on the motor and doesn't do a
very deep job (frankly, only about 3 or 4 inches at best)  Instead, I want
to get a small, yet powerful gas-powered tiller.

Does anyone out there have experience with the Mantis?  I've compared that
to what little I can learn about Troy-bilts.  It appears that the Mantis is
perhaps more appropriate for my purposes (in size).

Does anyone know of others that are the size of the Mantis? 

(I saw the mantis at:  http://www.mantisgardentools.com and believe it's
the same as the one Sears sells under it's Craftsman label)

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