Blooming of hybrid Urospatha

Today I was able to examine the first infloresence recorded of a hybrid 
Urospatha on one of my plants grown from seed produced  by hand pollenating an 
infloresence of U. sagittifolia [originally collected on the Orinoco Delta in 
Venezuela] with pollen from an infloresence of a plant of U. grandis 
[originally collected at Tortuguero Canal in Costa Rica, Cen. America]. Both 
of these plants are pictured in my article " Experiencing Urospathas" 
published in Aroideana Vol. 16 of 1993.
The infloresence apears to be a good "mix" of it`s parents, with the thinner 
texture and color of U. grandis, and the "tighter" spiral of U. sagittifolia, 
and it`s odor is like U. sagittifolia. The leaves of this hybrid demonstrate 
the shape of U. sagittifolia, but with the more bullate surface texture of U. 
I will attempt to photograph the plant and infloresence, as it may assist in 
the pending review of the genus.
                                          Julius   ><

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