Re: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Dear aroiders,

Here's another variation to look for.  The first plant I had was extremely
brittle.  It was difficult to move without breaking off leaflets.  When my
two kittens discovered this trait, they destroyed a large plant in a week.

The clone I have now was collected by Huntington Botanical Garden in Kenyan
grassland.  It's very durable and difficult to break.  And this is not a
matter of hydration status and drought-deciduation.  I once withheld water
from this plant for three months in summer, in order to shrink it so I could
remove it from a good pot.  It never lost any leaflets from this abuse.
(Nor did it shrink enough to unpot it.)

For this reason I now call Zz the perfect house plant for black thumb
gardeners (or people who travel a lot and don't hire plant-sitters).


Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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