Re: Thermometer source?

At 10:15 AM 5/9/97 -0500, you wrote:

>      I am looking for several types of thermometers.  I would like one that
>records the highest and lowest temps for the day, and another one with a 50'
>wire so I can keep an eye on my greenhouse temp from the house

Radio Shack has just the thing - an indoor/outdoor/maximum/minimum
electronic thermometer. It shows current temperature in two places and
retains the max and min until you reset it. The lead is only about ten
feet, but it should be simple to splice in a piece of wire. Runs about
thirty bucks but frequently on sale for half that.

I have two of them and use them to fine tune indoor microclimates -
windowsill vs the middle of the room, bulkhead vs cellar temps, floor vs
hanging plants, etc. In an old house, there can be a significant difference
in a few feet.

Duane Campbell

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