Visiting Seattle

	I don't recall if the UW is open to the public but the greenhouse =
manager is a very nice fellow. His name is Doug Ewing and I'm sure he =
wouldn't mind letting you know when you might visit. His address is = I understand he has a personal interest in =
aroids and I for one was impressed.
	The Washington Park Arboretum is lacking in the aroid department. Nice =
Lysichitons and Zantedeschia around but those are all I can remember =
ever finding there.
	The Volunteer Park Conservatory is worth a walkthrough. It is by =
donation and open to the public. I don't have the address but its about =
2 miles from the UW.
	There is a store just off the freeway exit at 50th (45th?) street on =
the way to the UW called "The Indoor Sun Shoppe". There is a guy there =
named Jerry who grows Amorphophallus and is pretty knowledgable. He may =
have some things of interest for sale.

Kevin Martyn
Western Washington University

P.S. I am rather a newcomer to the aroid scene and just acquired a very =
old Dracunculus vulgare after it had broken dormancy. Am wondering if =
this plant forms a bulb to overwinter or uses some other strategy? =

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