Re: Help i.d. these aroids

<<< X. sagg has no red in the petiole >>>
On my screen the petioles are a deep purple, almost black.  But I'm
not arguing <g>.  I just don't know;  I was told many years ago by
someone I thought knew what he was talking about that the plant(s)
I have were Xanthosoma sagittifolia.  He went on to point out how
the leaves differed from those in the Colocasia genus by having
a quite distinct vein encompassing the entire leaf margin, about
1/4 to 1/2 inch from the actual margin.  The leaves are a very
deep green, almost with a bluish cast and the petioles vary from
a deep emerald green to that distinctive dark purple that's almost
black.  In addition they (the leaves on the ones *I* have) can
attain 6 feet in length with constant warmth, water and fert.
Do you know anywhere on the web a decent photo of what is definitely
X. sagittifolia ?

Thanks much for taking the time/trouble ....

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