Re: Help i.d. these aroids

Dear Bob,

    The pictures 132a, b and c of the ID center are SURELY Xanthosoma
violaceum Schott. It is one of the easiest Xanthosoma to recognize,
because of the purple petioles, somewhat triangular leaves and the basal
ribs usually denuded (at least for 0.5cm) in adult and pre-adult leaves.
Xanthosoma sagittifolium has green petioles (usually with a silvery
color, because of the wax, as Dewey mentioned)and green leaves (ovate in
outline), with the basal ribs never denuded for more than 0.5cm.
Usually, the basal lobes in X. sagittifolium are well developed and
frequently overlapping one each other. The basal lobes in X. violaceum
are less developed and do not overlap, because of the open sinus. The
inflorescences are quite different too, but they rarely flower.  

I hope it helps,


Bob Riffle wrote:
> If any of you more knowledgeable aroiders have the time/energy
> could you take a look at scanned photos 132a, 132b, and 132c at
> and give opinions.  these plants all look very much like what I have
> for years had growing in Housotn and called Xanthosoma sagittifolia.
> I feel pretty sure they are X. sagittifolia or possibly S. violaceum,
> but am dying to know from the experts.
> Thanks ....

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