Re: Help i.d. these aroids

Subject: Help i.d. these aroids
Dear Folks,
These look like and are what we have been calling X. violaceum since I can
remember; mine where grown from edible corms purchased from a Jamacan
grocery as "red co co`s", BUT--- just last week I came across a plastic bag
of what LOOKED like the same, purplish tubers/corms (purchased at Winn
Dixie) on a table at a commercial plant nursery here in W.P.B., and when I
enquired of the owner what he was going to do with them, was told that a
client was paying him to grow them, and that he already had some sprouting.
He took me to see the growing ones, and I checked to make sure that the
corms/ tubers/rhizomes were the same purplish color, and even checked INSIDE
to see if they were yellow, but they were white fleshed, but to my surprise
the leaves being produced were all-green (NO purple tint on blade OR
petiole) and more rounded, with a thicker texture than "regular" X.
sagittifolia leaves, and were simular to a plant I have grown from the
"yellow malanga" corms/etc. from a Latin store!
SO--- there is all kinds of things going on with these cultivated var`s.,
and I suggest caution when naming them untill SOMEONE reviews the genus!
For now I`d call the plant in the photo X. violaceum.

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