Re: Dracunculus vulcaris jello

Wow, wait a whole year for new growth?  Nah, I wanted one for this season.
I called the folks from whom I had ordered it and they're going to replace
it if they have any left in stock.  It's disappointing because, as I said,
it was already 36" high.  I don't know if it was a diseased tuber or if it
was the weather (animals were lining up in twos and were entering these
large wooden boats).
>Hi Les,
>This same thing happened to my Dracunculus vulgaris but it came back the next
>year and the next. Since I bought this plant from Breck's catalogue December
>1990, it has only given me one good showy bloom of about 18 inches high. This
>year the foliage came up then came along a frost which zapped it back into
>ground. If I tried to find the bulb I probably couldn't since it has probably
>turned to mush. But it will return late next winter or early spring here
in US
>plant zone 7. And there will be more of them.
>Judy Bauer
>8440 Huckleberry Trail
>Concord NC 28027
>US plant zone 7
>Lester Kallus wrote:
>> I obtained a Dracunculus vulgaris and was quite enthused about it's
>> appearance.  Already 36" high with a fat tuber, it seemed that it would
>> become easily established and would even flower next year.
>> Today, the stalk had fallen over and where it attached to the tuber appears
>> to have rotted; the area had a sour smell and felt mushy.  The rest of the
>> tuber was quite solid and roots were still white.
>> I buried it in the ground again.  My question is:  is there any chance it
>> will come back?  Is there anything I could have done to prevent this short
>> of preventing the monsoons that have plagued Long Island for the past two
>> weeks?
>>      Les

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