Anthurium and Cold (brrrr)


Winters here in south Florida sound similar to yours. Rarely does the 
temperature drop below 40 degF, but we always see some winter weather in 
the 40s. I have a couple hundred Anthuriums here and many species. Some 
seem to tolerate the cold better than others, but nearly all 
will be damaged at these temperatures. But most will survive.

Obviously, a totally enclosed and heated environment, and increased 
humidity level will be best. If you grow your plants in a shade house 
environment like many of us in this subtropical climate do, you can cover 
the entire the entire structure with plastic sheets and strategically 
place a few 300 watt lights around to warm things up a bit.  

If all of this is not possible, I'd recommend at a minimum doing whatever 
you can to protect the plants from cold wind. Plants are subject to wind chill 
just as we are, and this will go a long way to protect your plants.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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