Re: Sauromatum vernosum (Voodoo lily. Syn. S. guttatum) seed (fwd)

Hi Judy,

Are the ones you sent me from this batch you're referring to? If so,
mine germinated about 4 months ago and I've got 5 that are doing really
well; So well in fact, that they won't go dormant. I thought that these
seeds were from your own plant, so I'm probably talking about another
Sauromatum seed lot. (?)

Take care, 


Douglas Burdic

> Hi Aroiders,
> This morning I noticed one Sauromatum vernosum (Voodoo lily. Syn. S.
> guttatum) has come up from seed that Dr. Fausto from Italy mailed to me.
> I forward some of these S. vernosum seeds to other Aroiders. I wonder if
> some of the other Aroider=92s S. vernosum seeds have germinated. One
> single leaf is about one inch tall. I sowed the V. vernosum seeds
> outdoors Dec 1997.
> Judy Bauer
> 8440 Huckleberry Trail
> Concord NC 28027
> US plant zone 7

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