Re: Small aroids

Al - One easily observable aspect of aroid growth which would fall into the
ecology section would be looking at light levels/other trigger mechanisms?
for some Philodendron spp? and definitely some Monstera spp. going from
juvenille to mature leaves, and in some cases back again.  He seem to recall
some illustrations on this in Janzen's book on Costa Rican Natural History -
I suspect that that article would lead your son to others on the topic, or
perhaps introduce other topics to him.  Check into that book.
Another topic of interest might be an exploration of aroid pollinators -
we generally just hear of the nasty smelling species, but some are quite
wonderful, especially those within the euglossine bee complex.  And last but
not least, a topic I find fascinating every time I encounter it is simply
the different pollination complexes which exist, particualrly I'm thinking
of the trapline strategy demonstrated by the euglossine bee complex and by
humminbirds - probably others as well.  Neat stuff all - I envy your son!!
- Jonathan Ertelt

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