RE: Bog Gardens - Aroids which will thrive in one?

Consider planting the plants in soil that has been laced with a water
retentive gel.  Those are compounds that start out like grains of sand but
blow up to marble sized blobs of jello.  That way, the bog garden would be
a muddy area in the middle of regular garden.   It might give you a much
larger bog garden than you could otherwise arrange.

At 05:44 PM 11/14/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello Aroidians,
>	I read about an effort to set up a bog garden and I was wondering
>if I might be able to do the same in an old 20 gal. aquarium I have which is 
>outside and cracked glass in back (casualty of the cold snap we had last
>It has a base of old aquatic plants in it to form what could be classified as
>a miniature bog.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to develop a bog
>garden and especially what species of Aroids would thrive in a bog garden.
>I am in Houston, TX zone 9a Upper Texas Gulf Coast.
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