Re: Philodendron aerial roots

Dear Jared,
>>>>I have buried the plant deeper when aerial were emerging <<<< 

   Would this apply when they are ' just' emerging, because my Anthurium
gracile seedlings started out rather lanky due to the fact that I didn't have
the light close enough to them from the beginning.  Now they are stretched
out to a 5" length with aerial roots at every 1/2" along the 5" length, and
each root is about 1/2" long.  When I transplanted them into pots, I burried
as many roots as I could to get the length down, but they have since grown 5"
out of the soil with lots of 1/2" roots above ground ( I'm not sure what is
normal for gracile), and still have that stretched look even though the
lights are now on top of them.  They are so lanky that they look like a
runner.  What do I do to bring them back into shape?  How deep can they be

I have another question for the group please.  Since I lost all of my email
information, I don't recall if the 'Blueberry' Anthurium was ID'd as A.
scandens, var. leucocarpum.  Is this correct?  

Thank you,
Sue Zuninio  

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