Re: Helicodiceros muscivorus

At 08:42 AM 10/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>What did you use for potting medium? How dry do you let the plants get
>before watering? Tell us anything about the culture.
>MJ Hatfield

First, I'm no expert with these and haven't grown them long. I've got them
on the basement floor with HPS fixtures at the ceiling. They are potted in a
mix of fine bark, peat and grit (to keep the medium from packing together).
While dormant, I kept them just moist--actually only misting heavily rather
than watering. When awake I water more heavily and keep the medium moist.
Since the mix was fresh, I did not feritlize but will add some osmocote or
soluble fertilizer this next growing season. Aphids seem to love these (and
other aroids) from when they are just nibs beginning to grow all the way
through their cycle. The only rest from attack that they get is when they
are dormant (Hmmm.)


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