report on dc (mostly non-aroid)

     dear aroiders,
     sorry for the mostly non-aroid content of this post (you may hit the
     delete key, if you wish), but this is related to zingiberaceae and
     i have just returned from a weekend trip to washington dc, where i had

     the opportunity to attend the national capital area chapter of the
     american gloxinia and gesneriad society meeting at the smithsonian
     research greenhouses=2E  the greenhouses are not open to the public but
     contain large collections of families that some of the smithsonian
     people are working on, mostly gesneriaceae, zingiberaceae,
     commelinaceae, heliconiaceae and a few other families
     among the aroids i remember seeing, there were a few species of
     Anthurium, Amorphophallus, Gonatopus and Alocasia  but the more
     spectacular plants were the gingers and commelinaceae, many genera i
     had never even heard of  among the ones in bloom: Costus
     curvibracteatus, Cucurmorpha longiflora (Zing=2E), Cochliostema veluti
     and odoratissimum, Floscopa manni, Pollia secundiflora, Dichorisandra
     thyrsiflora (Comm)  other beauties: Dalechampia (Euphorbiaceae),

     Brighamia insignis (Campanulaceae) - a rare succulent from hawaii,
     Calathea warscewiczii (Marantaceae), several Geogenanthus, and a
     beautiful fan-shaped plant, Stegolepis (Rapetaceae), which
     unfortunately was not in bloom
     after visiting the greenhouse, i also had the opportunity to attend
     the dc orchid show and the national zoo, with a wonderful amazonia
     exhibit full of big fish  it was definitely a great weekend
     (sorry i missed you, mike, maybe next time i'm in town? say hi to
     tsuh yang chen, in new york city (trying very much to keep a
     newly-purchased Anth clarinervium happy)

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