Re Anthurium 'Small Talk'

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Several responses about where one can find Anthurium 'Small Talk,' but nothing
on parentage that I have read so far.  My guess from the description is that
one of the parents is the wonderful and quite diminuitive A. amnicola.
This is, I believe, a Panamanian endemic, found in very few locations.  It was
originally found at El Cope, I think by J. Folsom and R. Dressler back in the
mid-late 70's.  For a while this was thought to be the only location for it,
but I seem to recall it later being found on another stream.  It has small
lavender flowers, and the original name indicated that, but was already 
designated to another species, so A. amnicola it became.  The spadix is
upright other features include the spicey fragrance typical of Euglossine
pollinated flowers, and it grows generally on moss & silt covered rocks in
Since I seem to go on and on, it is perhaps fortunate that of the other parent
I haven't a clue.  I do know that A. amnicola has been used a fair amount in
recent years in breeding work.
Cheers and Good Growing.
- Jonathan Ertelt

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