Re: dracunculus hardiness/ Neighborly Reply

Hello Jan,
    Begin with a picture in your mind of the Arum italicum. The two
forms of maculata are very similar in outline to the italicum. They are,
however, smaller in all respects. Leafs are glossy as in the italicum,
but without the mottling in between the veins and a lighter more to the
olive green color. Bloom is the same shape and color as my italicums,
but smaller. A. maculata are above ground a much shorter period of time.
They do not emerge here until around the end of March or first of April
and are dormant by the end of July. Maculata refers to the spots on the
leaves. One cultivar I have does not have the spots, the other does.
Looks like someone flecked India ink on the leaves.
    Not very botanical here in describing, but hope you get the picture.

    Gene Bush     Munchkin Nursery     Southern Indiana    Zone 6a

AR>I don't think that I know Arum maculata.  Could you describe it for us.


AR>Jan Renfroe

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