Pinellia tripartita - is it a weed?

I recently purchased a plant of Pinellia tripartita, a charming 
little aroid from Asia.  However, on looking it up in Deni Bown's 
book, I read that another species, P. ternata, "can spread rapidly 
and verge on becoming a weed".

Before I let Pinellia tripartita loose in our garden I thought I should ask
whether anyone living in a mild-temperate climate (mild winters with little 
frost, coolish summers) - perhaps the Pacific Northwest, has any 
experience of this species.  When I contemplate the weed species that 
we already have in our garden (jasmine, ivy, Oxalis, ferns, 
Alstroemeria, Tradescantia etc. etc.) I am reluctant to unleash 
another one.

Nick Miller
Rotorua, New Zealand

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