Hardy Aroids

Dear friends;
	This string has turned from Dracunculus to Hardy aroids and I am
surprised that no one has mentioned Calla palustris. This gets to
considerable size, has impressive flowers and fruits and should be hardy
fairly far north - Zone 4, 3?.
	Then there's Orontium, Peltandra, and  Typhonium,
Zantedeschia..although the latter two may only have 1 or two species hardy
through Zone 6. I'll bet theres other beside the  ones we've already talked
about Dracunculus, Arum (various species - I have italicum,maculatum,
orientale and nigrum in Zone 5/6 -  others ? I lost dioscorides )
Symplocarpus, Lysichiton, Arisarum etc. (not to mention Arisaema - that's
another robin)
	How far north does anyone grow Helicodiceros ?

	These are just a start, let's get complete here:

	Best 	Jim

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Zone 5/6 -
Winter low  -10=B0F
Summer high +100=B0F

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