Re: Pinellia ternata-RUN do not walk away

Jim Waddick commented "I think you might try all the species with a
warning on P. ternata (try it in a pot and don't mix soils or keep the
pot near fertile ground)."

I had read the warning about P. ternata a few years back.  I cautiously
planted it in the only bed in the front which is truly by itself and is
dry and thought "how can it possibly escape from here just in case 'they'
are right and it is a weed."  Trust me if you don't trust the others when
they say it is a weed.   It has been MOVED by ??????? ( mice, chipmunk,
birds,  ants, the wind, I am desperate here, who knows what) in to a
juniper ground cover on a bank several yards away.  The juniper ground
cover is (was solid) until it is now losing to P. ternata which is
beginning to look like the new ground cover.  Don't even try this in a
pot.    The other Pinellias  that I grow have not given me any trouble
thus far.

Diana Nicholls
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