Re: Defending Pinellia ternata ???

>Jim Waddick commented "I think you might try all the species with a
>warning on P. ternata (try it in a pot and don't mix soils or keep the
>pot near fertile ground)."
>Diana Nicholls wrote:
>Don't even try this in a

Dear Diana, et al;
	I must confess that I live in a much harsher climate than Diana. In
her mellower climate, I bet it can be agressive, but then again I don't
know that I'd mind an Aroid ground cover under junipers (unless it has
already be planted in Cyclamen or some such). In the mild New Zealand
'Eden', there is also a chance it could get "away". The above ground
bulbils do roll around, get carried around and appear in areas not
purposely planted.

	In defense, it is quite easy to pull out, the foliage and flowers
are rather interesting and it is easy to grow (that is not a euphemism for

	I'd still suggest you try it, but maybe use even more caution than
I originally suggested. I have seen this growing in China as a sizeable
clump on a rock wall in about a teaspoon of soil so it does 'hang on".

	best 	Jim W. ......and don't blame me if......

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