Re: Hardy Aroids

Hi Jim and Everybody,

Collecting hardiness feedback from the group on all these species is an
excellent idea. I can add to this that I am growing one Arum italicum
here on the central Oregon coast (Zones 8-9) which is no big trick I
realize, but thought I'd mention it. 

> >         How far north does anyone grow Helicodiceros ?

In addition to the answer to this question, I would like to receive the
answer to an even harder one: Where can one even purchase
Helicodiceros?! It seems that it would be easier to locate the Lost Ark
of the Covenant than a commercial source for this particular species. 

Take Care,


Doug Burdic

James W. Waddick wrote:
> Dear friends;
>         This string has turned from Dracunculus to Hardy aroids and I am
> surprised that no one has mentioned Calla palustris. This gets to
> considerable size, has impressive flowers and fruits and should be hardy
> fairly far north - Zone 4, 3?.

>         These are just a start, let's get complete here:

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