I would like to grow some weeds!!!

Dear Aroid People,

    I really love all Pinellias, but I only grow P. tripartita. Is there 
any one that has spare seeds of P. ternata or P. pedatisecta (or even the 
rare P. cordata) to share? I don't think they can become a weed here: the 
main part of the soil here in Brasilia is very acidic and full of toxic 
aluminium and only native plants can grow well here. There are also lots of 
slugs and snails and other monsters that eat everything around. Besides, 
I only grow my aroids in pots and I don't mix soils (because I also grow 
Xanthosoma pentaphyllum, a pretty and wild potential weed!!). If any of 
you have some extra seeds, e-mail me privately. 



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