Re: Aroids for Mediterranean landscape designs

I have seen a nice patch of black arum [possibly A.palestinum?] growing
and blooming wild and unattended in the south bay. They seem to have a
somewhat short period above ground. Their leaves appear after the rains
start in december or january, they bloom in february, and disappear
shortly thereafter. They were growing in full sun in what looked like
rock hard clay soil. 

> If there are folks out there who are aware of Mediterranean species
> which grow vigorously, multiple easily, are fairly interesting
> and/or attractive in habit, please let me know!  The genus Arum
> seems a good candidate, and as a means of trying out several
> species, I've often wondered about setting up an Arum collection at
> a local public garden (which already abounds with large amounts of
> A. italicum in various degrees of variegation).  If people have
> spare seed/corms of Arum species, I'd be happy to funnel these into
> such a collection.  A lot of other Mediterranean species are
> routinely discussed here, but many I feel might be best for the bulb
> collector rather than landscape designer.  I'd welcome any tips of
> species which can make handsome accents in landscape designs.
> Thanks for your time and consideration!
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