Re: Defending Pinellia ternata ???

>        Have you ever see the giant acreage at Mobot that has been taken
>over with pinellia?  I saw this when I visited about 4 years ago.  For us,
>in our sandy soil it is NOT easy to pull out.  It is only with a spading
>fork that we can remove the weedy pinellias without them breaking off.  In
>clay soils, it would probably require miniature nuclear devices.
>Tony Avent

Dear Tony-
	The acreage at MOBOT is P. tripartita!!  (not even ternata). It is
in a perfect spot, too.  I admit that anything agressive can take over and
in your sub-tropical Raleigh, I'd be even more careful.
	As the saying goes, "one man's weed is anothers....."

	best	Jim W.

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