Re: Hardy Aroids-Arum, Callas, Helicodiceros

	I have had Arum italicum and maculatum in Kansas City (Zone 5/6)
for years.
	A. orientale/nigrum seem as hardy, less so for dioscorides.
	Zantedeschia albo-maculata grew fine in the middle of th city near
a concrete side walk. Lost it in the move to the north end of the city.
However "Green Goddess" has survived but not flourished here. It did bloom
the first year fom see started early.

	Helicodiceros -  I don't know of a commercial source. I got mine
through an Aroid-l offer last year. Two tubers  -one now in the ground and
one potted in a frost free site.
	Wonder if the one outside will survive. Anyone with any experience
in Zone 5, 6, or 7?

	Any other hardy aroid comments?

	Best		Jim W.

James W. Waddick          		Voice: 816 746 1949
8871 NW Brostrom Rd                  	E-MAIL:
Kansas City MO 64152 		Fax: 816 746 1939
Zone 5/6 -
Winter low  -10=B0F
Summer high +100=B0F

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