RE: Kaichen Website

Actually, I had an experience similar to Wilbert and others, with painfully
slow downloads, interspersed with very brief bursts of speed. It is
definitely NOT my provider-- I have a cable modem that is nearly as fast as
a dedicated T1 link (thats 1.5 megabits per second).

Rather, I think the Chinese ration their internet services the same way
they ration hot water-- just a little bit at a time. When I was in rural
China a couple of years ago, the hotels told us we might get hot water
between 7 and 9 PM, and even then it would quit in midstream. Ditto for
electricity. Consider yourself lucky if you can squeeze 200 bits per second
out of the link to Kaichen (with a little hot water now and then). If it's
downloading quickly, finish your shower IMMEDIATELY!


At 2:40 PM -0400 10/12/98, Lester Kallus wrote:

> Actually, this could be your internet service provider or traffic in your
> country and could have absolutely nothing to do with your own computer.
> Yes, you should try again (as should anyone else having troubles), but if
> it does no better, you may have to look outside your computer to find the
> problem.
>          Les
> At 07:39 AM 10/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >O.k., I got the message: this is all my fault..........sob, sob. I'll
> >see if I can tune my computer better so I can enjoy the site .......
> >
> >Wilbert
> >

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