Re: Anthurium araliaefolium

Dear Thomas,

Madison, in his revision of the species of Anthurium with palmately
divided leaves (Selbyana) wrote that Anth. araliifolium was described
after a single cultivated specimen said to have come from New Caledonia,
however Engler considered that it was probably from Central America.
Madison thinks that it might be a hybrid between Anth. podophyllum and a
species with cordate leaves ...

Concerning Anth. wendlingeri, I used to grow mine when it was young in
pure sphagnum moss until the blades reached about 30 cm, then in a mix
of pine bark, polystyrene, shoped sphagnum and perlite. The leaves are
now more than 1 m long. It grew very fast when it was young but now that
it is adult, it is producing new leaves much less often.

Best regards

David Scherberich

Thomas Mottl wrote:
> Dear Aroiders,
> I have an A. araliaefolium, now I read that this species comes from New
> Caledonia, this wonders me, because this Island is so near by Australia.
> I always thought Anthuriums are only growing in Central and South America?
> Can anybody tell me if this is true that this species is native at New
> Caledonia?
> Another questions is about Anthurium wendlingeri:
> Can anybody give me some hints how to grow this species optimal? It seems
> that it grows sooooo slow or did I make mistakes in cultivation this species?
> Cheers
> Thomas Mottl

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