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Subject: Re: Dracunculus

Dear Mike,

Like yourself I have 1 year old seedlings of Dracunculus canariensis. My
seedlings are still green. All my other Arisaema and Pinellia seedlings are
dormant, but I=B4ll think that Dracunculus canariensis will go dormant in t=
wintertime. Some of my seedlings are turning yellow at this moment.
greetings from,

Maurice M. Hinterding
v. Brakellaan 121

> Van: Mike Bordelon <Bordelon.Mike@NMNH.SI.EDU>
> Aan:
> Onderwerp: Dracunculus
> Datum: donderdag 15 oktober 1998 20:10
> Hi Everybody,
>  I have 1 year old seedlings of Dracunculus canariensis.  Can someone
> me if this plant goes dormant.  I was waiting for them to go dormant=20
> before I pull them out of the pan they are currently growing in.  If they

> don't go dormant, I will transplant them now.
> Thanks in advance
> Mike Bordelon
> Botany Greenhouse
> Smithsonian Institution

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