Re: I will be off-line for a while. (fwd)

>>>Sender: "Eduardo Goncalves" <>
Subject: I will be off-line for a while.=20

Dear all,

    Next week I=B4ll be in the Latin-American congress of Botany, in=20
Mexico City. After all, I will travel a little in that country and will=20
be back only in November 5th. Then I will go to Lima (Peru) and spend=20
more 5 days there. If some of you is attempting to contact me, do it=20
before Friday night, or your replies will be somewhat delayed...

                  Best wishes,

                          Eduardo. <<<

Dear Eduardo,
Just a note to say have a good trip and enjoy Lima!  I was there several
years ago, as I worked in Talara, an oil town on the Northern Coast.   Was
not into Aroids back in those days, and I believe only a couple species are
known from that area, which is very dry, except for along the rivers (Rio
Chira and a river that goes dry before the sea at Paita).
We will talk when you return to Brazil.

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