A. konjac Tubers

Previously I had written about and asked questions regarding the active growth
expectations of A. konjac in South Florida. 

My first plant has gone dormant and I have removed it from the growing media.
I was both fascinated and amused by the unusual growths...only a mother could
love this thing ;-) This one had come from a tuber ('John Riordan' clone)
offered by Dewey Fisk as a donation to the International Aroid Society. It
went from a small garlic clove size to that of a large grapefruit in one
season! It has what I assume are offsets, five of them. These are only about
the size of a US quarter in diameter. 

Do you think that this larger tuber might actually flower this coming Spring?
Should I treat the small tubers differently initially until they reach a
larger size?

Luis Fontanills
South Florida   USA

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