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Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 10:26 AM
Subject: Colocasia"Black Magic"

>>Dear All;
I have a question about the Colocasia"Black Magic" - mine is just
about to open it's first flower. Any chance of seed production? Anyone have
a good description of the flower. Not yet open, but the colors are pretty

Advice and suggestions, please.

Best Jim W.<<

Dear Jim,
It may be self pollenating, but if you have more than one flower, collect
pollen from the oldest (with a wet paint brush) then cut the side off a new
but mature flower JUST starting to open, and put the pollen on to the female
portion of the spadix of the new flower at it`s lower end.  Wrap the flower
in plastic wrap or just put a little fungicidal power on the edge of the cut
(but this may not be necessary), then wait and see!!

Good luck.

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