Re: winter is coming

>Winter is coming and I need to start thinking about bringing plants
>The Amorphophalluses can be stored cleaned and dry in the basement. The
>Arisaemas can be stored clean and slighly damp in the plant fridge.
>Do any of the following require dormancy? Is dormancy suggested?
>        Colocasia, Alocasia, Anthurium, Caladium
>Or can I simply bring the pots in, or dig and repot, and put them in the
>greenhouse? I know that in the past the Caladiums have not survived well
>overwintering in the dark, dry basement.
>Thank you kindly for this review. One of these years I'll get this
>straight (or move to a climate where I can just leave everything in the
>MJ Hatfield

Dear MJ,
I know that I have had caladiums that just sat in the greenhouse, and they
would go dormant on their own, even with light around.  I usually set them
in pots where I have big trees growing, and they just sit there until
spring, and then the light cycle must get them going when it starts getting
warmer.  So, maybe putting them in a normal place, and just depending on
the light cycle outside, would work for you.  As for the other plants, I
don't know.

Stacy Holtzman    	   
--- Biology Dept.,  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405 ---

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