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From: on behalf of MJ Hatfield
Sent: 	Monday, September 01, 1997 5:07 PM
Subject: 	winter is coming

>>Winter is coming and I need to start thinking about bringing plants
The Amorphophalluses can be stored cleaned and dry in the basement. The
Arisaemas can be stored clean and slighly damp in the plant fridge.
Do any of the following require dormancy? Is dormancy suggested?
	Colocasia, Alocasia, Anthurium, Caladium<<
Colccasias and Caladiums will go dormant, and should be stored dry in a paper 
bag with a little powder fungicide in a warm place in your basement.
See Dwuane Campbell`s excellent answer to the questions on Amorphophallus 
dormancy.  You may try leaving the Caladiums in their pot once the leaves have 
completely withered.  I have noticed that they seem to increase in bulb size 
as the roots seem to live and continue to "feed" the tubers after the leaves 
have withered, and do better if left in the soil, kept warm, and the soil 
spritzed from time to time to prevent too much moisture loss.
Good luck.
Or can I simply bring the pots in, or dig and repot, and put them in the
greenhouse? I know that in the past the Caladiums have not survived well
overwintering in the dark, dry basement. 
Thank you kindly for this review. One of these years I'll get this
straight (or move to a climate where I can just leave everything in the
MJ Hatfield

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