RE: Mark's A. titanum

From: on behalf of Don Burns
Sent: 	Sunday, September 07, 1997 11:46 AM
Subject: 	Re: Mark's A. titanum

>>Mark, I'll be pleased to scan the photo for you. Sounds like yoy had 
better get busy with your pick-axe.  Either that, or move the plant soon 
in an airconditioned trailer.
Julius, Mark could dig a far deeper hole than he would require and never 
hit water.  Arizona, unlike south Florida, is not known for its shallow 

Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b<<

Dear Don,
Yes, I agree that there isn`t much rain or a high water table in Arizona, but 
unless Mark has suceeded in crossing the Amorphophallus with a species of 
Cactus which may reduce it`s water requirements, it will require watering, and 
presumably this will remain in the hole, hence the sump pump!
How are you doing?  Have a Lasiomorpha prepared when you are ready.

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