Re: Mark's A. titanum

>Mark said "For the first two
>growth cycles they made several leaves and split into two or three
>Now I am confused! I thought that Wilbert stated in Aroideana #19
>concerning A. titanum..."no offset development.Leaf solitary."
>MJ Hatfield
I received the same response the first time I posted this info.  I've
checked my plants' leaf characters with the literature, and I'm fairly
confident that they are titanum.  I fertilize very heavily; this may have
stimulated abnormal proliferation when young. I have observed this
phenomenon in the genus Agave and others - in generous cultivated conditions
some "nonsuckering" agaves will occasionally produce offsets.  You can check
my plants' ID when my photos get posted to the aroid website in a month or so.


Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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