RE: Amorphophallus leaf size (was growing season)

Julius Boos wrote:
>To the many out there who have these larger species of Amorphophallus, bear in 
>mind that eventually  they produce the largest leaf of ANY plant, yes, even 
>larger than the largest palm!!!  Thirty feet tall, just as wide!! (Doubters, 
>please see pg.72 of "Aroideana,Vol 17, 1994)
Do you measure championship by length or surface area? There is a palm with
a leaf 20 METERS long (sorry, I don't own  the book so I can't look up the

>It may be getting close to the time to begin a debate as to the ultimate goal 
>of the devoted Amorphophiles who have invested their time (and yes, money) to 
>this worthwhile project of bringing these very rare and little-known giants of 
>the plant world into cultivation.  ...   Perhaps we need to canvas the 
>larger botanic gardens of the world and attempt to locate one (or many) with 
>the correct height of greenhouse, where several of the larger specimens that 
>may survive to attain a "respectable" size, ...

Good idea. All good collections should have a plan for their care after
their owners die or lose interest or ability to care for them.  Thirty feet,
huh?  I may be one of the first to succumb to the last criterion.


Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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