RE: Amorphophallus leaf size (was growing season)

From: on behalf of Mark A. Dimmitt
Sent: 	Monday, September 08, 1997 9:22 AM
Subject: 	RE: Amorphophallus leaf size (was growing season)

>>Julius Boos wrote:
>To the many out there who have these larger species of Amorphophallus, bear 
>mind that eventually  they produce the largest leaf of ANY plant, yes, even 
>larger than the largest palm!!!  Thirty feet tall, just as wide!! (Doubters, 
>please see pg.72 of "Aroideana,Vol 17, 1994)

>>Do you measure championship by length or surface area? There is a palm with
a leaf 20 METERS long (sorry, I don't own  the book so I can't look up the

>It may be getting close to the time to begin a debate as to the ultimate goal 

>of the devoted Amorphophiles who have invested their time (and yes, money) to 

>this worthwhile project of bringing these very rare and little-known giants 
>the plant world into cultivation.  ...   Perhaps we need to canvas the 
>larger botanic gardens of the world and attempt to locate one (or many) with 
>the correct height of greenhouse, where several of the larger specimens that 
>may survive to attain a "respectable" size, ...

>>Good idea. All good collections should have a plan for their care after
their owners die or lose interest or ability to care for them.  Thirty feet,
huh?  I may be one of the first to succumb to the last criterion.


Dear Mark,
I see that our group is moving toward a good soloution re: the final place 
which can grow these wonderful giants and perhaps induce them to bloom and 
produce seed.  Great!!! Thanks to "the Philo. Phreaque" and others who offered 
Hey, keep your eyes open for the info on that palm.  I will keep mine open for 
where I read that the larger species of Amorphophallus produced the largest 
leaf of any plant, including palms.  I don`t know what criteria were used in 
judging this "contest", but it seems to me to fall into the stupid ones like 
"what is the most venomous snake?"  ALL the major ones will do the job on you, 
the same as a fall from a 10 story building will kill you just as well as a 
fall from a 50 story one!  Those are BIG leaves in any language!
Good luck with your plants.

Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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