Hortus III - the B&N edition

This is probably more useful for North American subscribers, for a couple
of reasons, but ...

Hortus III, a reference on plants cultivated in the US & Canada, is
usually rather expensive (the Barnes and Noble web site listed the hard
cover version at US $140 just now). Last weekend I stumbled across a
paper-bound version at the local Barnes and Noble store, apparently
printed by Barnes and Noble, for US $40. It seems to be the same 1976
edition as my copy at home. Oddly, I have not found it on the B&N web
pages, nor was it in the gardening or reference section, but in the
markdown/clearance area.

Hortus III is a bit old, given how quickly things are changing, but I
still find that I check mine frequently. If you've wanted a copy and
didn't want to pay the price, this might be a good option.


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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