RE: Ulearum? Did I imagine the post?

Dear Julius,

   Bognera used to be Ulearum too. Michael Madison described it as 
Ulearum reconditum, but he told it was quite different from U. 
sagittatum. Later, Mayo and Nicolson created the genus Bognera to 
place it. Well about Spathicarpella, I think you are thinking on 
Zomicarpella, a marvelous genus from western Brazilian Amazonia. I almost 
get crazy for these micro aroids too. 

Best wishes,


> This is one that I`ve "lusted" after for years, others are Spathicarpella and 
> Bognera (which used to be Filarum?) and don`t ask why these relatively non 
> discript little plants hold such a fascination for me!

> On another front, don`t ring the bells or beat the drum JUST yet, but it 
> certainly LOOKS like the two spadices of the smaller blooms of my Lasiomorpha 
> senegalensis which I pollenated with pollen from the earlier and much larger 
> bloom, are developing fruit!!!  I`ll keep you all informed, as I don`t know if 
> anyone else has produced seed of this in cultivation as yet.
> For those of us who have not seen this water dweller, there are photos on our 
> aroid pages.  In the Genera of Araceae long list  under "Lasiomorpha", and 
> recently David Scherberich posted photos #134 a, b, c, and d in the I.D. 
> section.  By the way, I believe that I posted a note to Aroid-l giving the 
> I.D. of these plant photos, was it posted?  I don`t remember seeing it.
> Thats all for now.  Good growing!!
> Julius
> Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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