Ulearum? Did I imagine the post?

I thought I saw a reference to Ulearum in a (fairly) recent Aroid-L post,
but now I can't find it. Did I imagine it?

Even if I did, this seems like a good time to ask the group what you know
about the genus, in particular as regards habitat, cultivation, etc.? 
Based on the very few pictures I have seen, they are quite attractive
plants, but we never see them discussed on Aroid-L and I've found little
elsewhere. I assume they are very rare, very hard to cultivate, or both.

As an aside, while looking around on the Internet for Ulearum, I
discovered a here-to-fore untapped area for research: aroid poetry. I ran
across the web page:


I recall an interesting article on aroid postage stamps several years back
- perhaps an intrepid researcher could do something similar here. 


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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