Peltandra virginica

Hi Aroiders,

    I need more of your wise advice. I have received some seeds of
Peltandra virginica from a good American friend. As some of you already
know, I'm conducing an anatomical survey and need fresh leaves from all
aroid genera I can put my hands on. My problem is: I have no idea how
I could germinate this one. I know it is a temperate WD (water-dweller)
and that adult plants need some time in the fridge in order to continue to
grow. So what about seeds? Do they need cold treatment to germinate? I
could try it by myself but it isn't wise try to rediscovery the wheel. I
know there is an old article concerning the germination of Peltandra seeds
(West & Whigham Bartonia 44:44-49, 1976), but I could find it here in my
poor library.  Any suggestions are pretty welcome because I even wonder
what I have to do. 

Thanx in advance,


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