Re: Ambrosinia bassii

Rand Nicholson wrote:
> Aroiders:
> I have just received somer tubers of Ambrosinia bassi and can't seem to get
> any cultural information on them. Any help, URLs, will be greatly
> appreciated. A picture would also be nice.

A. bassi is a lovely little aroid that grows in west mediterranean.
Leaves in october, inflorescence appearing from december to march and
during a month or more.
The spata is at soil level and indian-shoe like shaped (indians in
Asia!!): very unusual.
It is not rare but not easy to recognize in the wild.
Despite the ecology description on Deni Bown's book, I have found and
collect it at sea level in north Sardinia on flat terrain, on the border
of where the water stays when it rains, on terrain deriving from
siliceus rock, absolutely without limestone.
Cultivation not difficult: dry summer (I think it is not necessary the
"backing in the sun"), storage at 25-270C in shadow, but absolutely no
rain, water from september to April/May, when the leaves are beginng to
get yellow colour, exactly as many mediterranean winter growers. No idea
on hardyness, but I think no more as zone 8.
I will send you a picture.
Good luck.
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