Re: Archives available?

I save many of my messages into WordPerfect when they are
then available to send out as an attachment to anyone who has
Wordperfect.  I that isn't possible they can be imported as a text
copy from WP and put into the main message and then sent. 

>No, I've looked at the file and it seems to be a binary file and so cannot
>be read without the software that runs it.  Perhaps someone else in this
>group would know how to do it?  As far as I know, you'd not be able to read
>it without Eudora and even so, we'd have to find a way to figure out which
>associated Eudora files you'd need.  I mentioned only because if you find
>no other way, it may be worth the effort to figure this out.  Does anyone
>else in this group have any other ideas?

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